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If CO2 is not being used, set Work Mode to STANDBY.


If CO2 is not reading, check that Work Mode is set to Measure.










In order to obtain consistent readings and to extend the life of the CO2 module, Zero Calibration is recommended each time CO2 is used.


1.  The sampling line or cannula should be connected.

2. Keep the CO2 line away from sources of CO2, including the patient's breath, the operator's breath and the ventilator (if applicable).

3. Touch the EtCO2 parameter tile on the monitor.

4. Touch Zero Calibration.


The system briefly displays "Zeroing in Progress." This may take 3-15 seconds. 


After the zero calibration is finished, CO2 monitoring can be resumed.


If the system displays "Breath Detected" or "Zero Required," zeroing has failed. Zero calibration must be performed again.



Capnography Supplies


Sampling Line

Male/Male 25/box


Sampling Cannula

Male 25/box


Divided Cannula

Male 25/box


Water Trap


Nitrous Hood Adapter

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