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EZ-IO Needles


EZ IO PD Needle

Replacement Needle for EZ-IO Driver

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AD Needle Set (25mm in length)
Designed for any patient larger than 39 kg in weight or for those who have too much tissue over the insertion site for the PD needle to be used.

PD Needle Set(15mm in length)

Designed for use with patients from 3-39 kg in weight or for those with little tissue over insertion sites.

LD Needle Set(45mm in length)
Designed for patients whom have excess tissue over the insertion site. Whether the excess tissue is from edema, large musculature or obesity the LD Needle Set provides the length to effectively gain access to the intraosseous space on most patients.

All needles are constructed of 304-stainless steel and includes our patented cutting tip. Each needle set is marked with a black line 5 mm from the hub to help the provider during placement.All Needle Sets come sealed in a hard canister and are accompanied with an EZ-Connect and a wristband.